3D Rendering, Visualization, Design & Implementation.

KMD specialises in 3D Rendering , complex modelling & animation. From the start of your design project KMD works closely with your team team to create beautiful imagery to compliment your project… read more


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KMD specialises in 3D Rendering, complex modelling and animation. From the start of your design project we work closely with your team to create beautiful imagery to compliment your project. Either for commercial purposes or visualization. KMD offers a wide range of other services as below in addition to many more.

3D printed and or hand built models. Custom furniture and product modelling. 3D Rendering and Technical drawings thereof. Beautiful presentations of our work and yours, furthermore; design implementation by means of technical drawings and site supervision and procurement. Because we offer our services to architects, interior designers, product designers and engineers-both civil & mechanical, we have experience with all types of media including online presentations for your international clients.

KMD is unique due to there is nothing we can’t do, or project parameter we can’t accommodate. In addition you can submit any info for quotations. Either sketches, 3D models or 2D plans we can create the 3D rendering. Most of all we do not set limitations on what can be done. Armed with nothing but a basic idea we’ll turn your visions into a digital reality. Therefore allowing you to pitch to your clients/ potential investors or buyers. Since we are experienced in both architectural design, technical drawings & large scale presentations, KMD can assist you in each part of the process if necessary.

As a result we offer competitive rates for superior work and in minimal time frames. While the above icons are links to 3 portfolios of the many projects we’ve had the pleasure of being involved in; from private homes, developments, public spaces like coffee shops and restaurants, to bush lodges in Botswana & the famous Durban July, to name but a few. We have rather a lot of material that we did not put online!